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Health Care

Health Care Services - Contact us in Chicago, Illinois, for consulting services on employee benefits and worker's compensation.

Our employee health care work helps our clients design, implement, and maintain medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, behavioral health, and employee assistance plans. These plans are highly valued by employees, as well as cost effective. Our objective is to help our clients find the appropriate balance between employee satisfaction and cost control.

We help our clients craft effective solutions in plan design, provider networks, and commercial health plan offerings. These solutions can involve group or voluntary health plan products, as well as self-funded or fully insured products. We help our clients expand alternatives, evaluate them, and develop contract specifications. We work with our clients to select and implement the most appropriate solutions.

We help our clients achieve the benefits that they anticipate when they implement health plan solutions by concentrating on employee satisfaction, cost control, information technology applications, and administrative efficiency.

We help our clients prepare for the future by focusing on:

  • marketplace needs, trends, and direction,
  • local, state, and federal laws, and
  • emerging products and services.