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We established SIBIS Consulting Inc. in 1993 to provide consulting and brokerage services to employee benefits professionals.  We focus on understanding how employee benefits integrate with our client's critical business functions.  Armed with that knowledge, we help our clients design, implement, manage, and maintain benefit plans that enhance employee satisfaction and save millions of dollars.  These plans comply with all applicable laws, meet business needs, and meet employee needs as well.  In effect, we help our clients become more efficient, productive, and successful.

Our benefit plan consulting and brokerage practice addresses health, life, disability, and workers compensation insurance issues.  We work with a broad range of public and private organizations including government, manufacturing, real estate, distribution, and food services.  These organizations:

  • provide benefits for active, retired, and COBRA eligible employees,
  • self-fund or fully insure their organization sponsored employee benefits,
  • offer organization paid and/or voluntary benefit plans, and
  • operate at one or multiple sites across the United States.