SIBIS Consulting Inc.

Health Care and Life Insurance
in California, Illinois, and Indiana

An Employer Explaining Benefits

Health Care

Our employee health care work helps clients design, implement, and maintain medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, behavioral health, and employee assistance plans. These plans are highly valued by employees, as well as cost effective. We help our clients find the appropriate balance between employee satisfaction and cost control.
We craft effective solutions in plan design, provider networks, and health plan offerings. These solutions can involve group or voluntary health plan products, as well as self-funded or fully insured products. We help our clients expand alternatives, evaluate them, and develop contract specifications. We assist our clients with the selection and implementation of appropriate solutions to achieve their objectives.
We help our clients meet present and future needs by focusing on:
  • Administrative efficiency
  • Marketplace needs, trends, and direction
  • Local, state, and federal laws
  • Emerging products, and services, and
  • Information technology applications.
Our broad public and private sector employer base provides group and/or voluntary health care benefits for active, retired, and COBRA-eligible employees at a single site or multiple sites across the United States. Some employer health plans are self-funded, and others are fully insured.

Life Insurance

Our employee life insurance practice helps our clients design, implement, and maintain life insurance programs that are affordable and highly valued by their employees. The work focuses on term, universal, supplemental, accidental death and dismemberment, and dependent life insurance. We also address portability, conversion, and accelerated benefit issues.