SIBIS Consulting Inc.

Disability and Workers Compensation
in California, Illinois, and Indiana


We concentrate on employee benefits that will help your employees maintain their standard of living when they cannot work. We consult on short-term and long-term disability insurance, and coordination with worker’s compensation, EAP, and FMLA program issues.

We focus on plan design, taking the comparative benefits of voluntary programs and group programs into consideration. We study the marketplace and identify insurance products and vendors that meet our client’s needs. We assist our clients as they evaluate alternatives, develop contract specifications, and select and implement the most appropriate disability insurance solutions.
Businessman in a Wheelchair

Workers’ Compensation

We help our clients meet their worker’s compensation responsibilities effectively and efficiently. The work is driven by local, state, and federal laws that deal with occupational safety and health. We address critical employer worksite issues including:

Claims Management

Risk Management and Cost Control

Job-Related Illnesses and Injuries

Returning Ill and/or Injured Employees to the Workplace

Local, State, and Federal Reporting

We focus on provider networks, bill review, and administrative services to develop comprehensive solutions and sound business practices. We help our clients create and evaluate alternatives, develop contracts, and select and implement cost-effective solutions.
We work with a broad range of public and private sector employers that operate at one or multiple locations across the country. Some clients self-fund their workers’ compensation liabilities, while others are fully insured.